Excelsior’s 4th of July celebration, centered around the Commons, draws thousands of people each year.

Today, the Commons is a community space and home to many annual events. Families use the Commons for gatherings and excursions. School groups use it for recreational days and picnics. Visitors to Excelsior often include a stroll in the Commons during a day that might also involve eating at local restaurants or enjoying a movie. Casual users can often be found playing catch or simply enjoying solitude on a lakeside bench. In the early morning,you might see people fishing from the shore, going for a run, or walking a dog through the park. The playground, beach, and baseball field are also popular areas for impromptu gatherings.

There are also several planned events each year in the Commons, ranging from concerts to local school functions to athletic events. Some annual events include Art on the Lake, the Lake Minnetonka Triathlon,the Concours d’Elegance car show, one of the area’s most popular 4th of July Celebrations, and many other festivals and events. A calendar of events in the Commons can be found here.


The Commons offers 13 acres of nature in a lakeside village setting.

Just as important as the festivals and events, the Commons is a place for rest, relaxation and serene lake views. Residents of Excelsior and neighboring communities find tranquility and solitude in the 13-acre park and its peaceful lakefront setting. The Commons provides a place to take a walk, for children to explore, and to enjoy the sights and sounds of the lake. On a lake with 125 miles of highly-developed shoreline, the Commons provides one of the only large expanses of public quiet spaces remaining on Lake Minnetonka.

The Commons continues to be a focal point for the Excelsior community and the entire South Lake Minnetonka region. With the ability to be both vibrant and peaceful, the Commons is a special place and one that Community for The Commons is committed to supporting for the long-term.