A Message from the Chair, Excelsior Commons Master Planning Work Group:

 All –

As you know, we hosted the first of two Commons master planning public engagement meetings last Wednesday evening at City Hall.  Thanks to those of you who were able to participate!  It was a positive, well-attended meeting with lots of great design ideas and concepts proposed.   However a number of folks either weren’t able to take part, or requested to have more time to reflect and make suggestions, so we have decided to keep the the public comment period open until 5:00 pm next Monday, July 31st.  The initial design concepts that were presented are attached below for your review.  I have also included a companion document that provides some background/context for the design team’s work and calls out some of the key concept options that we would like you to comment on.  Please send your comments to me at EKSNYDER25@MSN.COM by 5:00 pm, next Monday, July 31st.  All feedback I receive will be shared with the design team and will help inform the next round of design that will be presented at our second public engagement meeting on September 20th. Thanks in advance for sharing your ideas and for your continued interest in this project!

Excelsior Commons Park_public meeting_7.20.17_

Commons Master Plan Survey (7-24-2017)

Eric Snyder, Chair Excelsior Commons Master Planning Work Group